The Daily Catch featuring the Crowd Favourites: Yellow Croaker, Crayfish, And Batang

Singapore’s seafood industry is continuously thriving, offering a wide range of fresh and high-quality seafood options to both locals and tourists. With Singapore’s proximity to the sea, it’s no wonder that seafood is a staple in the local cuisine. However, with the increasing demand for seafood, it’s becoming more important to ensure that the seafood we consume is of high quality.

Yellow Croaker: A Korean Favourite

Yellow Croaker is popular among Asians, particularly Koreans, because of its light and sweet flavor, This versatile fish can be cooked or fried to perfection— a delectable culinary experience. It is both tasty and is also high in nutrients. Its fragile flesh and skin may require great care when cooking but it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and has numerous health advantages.  There are various methods to enjoy this fish, whether pan-frying the fillets with a light sprinkling of rice flour, baking the whole fish with diagonal incisions for an appealing appearance, or steaming and poaching to keep its delicate texture. Frying is the best option for chunks or small whole fish, while grilling is best done wrapped in foil to prevent breakage.

Crayfish: For different cooking styles

Crayfish resembles little lobsters with their sharp pinching claws, armored bodies, and broad tails, are a delightful and healthful seafood option. A nutritious complement to your meals as it is low in fat and calories while being high in protein. There are may ways to prepare them; shallow-fried, stir-fried, steamed, barbecued, and can even be an ingredient in hearty chowders. Furthermore, crayfish are a strong source of B vitamins, iron, and selenium, all of which are necessary minerals that might be difficult to obtain through diet alone. Crayfish’s delectable aromas and nutritional benefits will elevate your dining experience with these delicious crustaceans. To save you time, some stores like Tansofresh, provide de-shelled crayfish, ensuring your convenience without sacrificing flavor.

Batang: Singaporean Favourite

Batang, also known locally as Spanish mackerel, is a favourite in Singapore. It holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans. How does it look? It is long and with striped body and scaleless skin. It used in traditional local dishes quite often like fish soups and ‘otah’, showcasing its versatility and distinct flavor. Aside from its cultural appeal, it is also good for you as it is packed with high level of nutrients and vitamins such as minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, it provides a variety of health advantages, which includes support for heart health, cognitive function, and inflammation reduction. You may cook or prepare it in a lot of ways; whether you want to grill, steam, fry, or include it into hearty soups, its firm and aromatic meat blends itself nicely to a variety of cooking methods. Given its mild flavor, it easily absorbs the tastes of marinades and spices, making it a versatile ingredient that can be adapted to various culinary styles.

Where Can You Get These Tasty Seafood?


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Yellow Croaker & Crayfish

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