Whole Red Emperor (红狮鱼)

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Country of Origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)


Red Emperor Snapper is a superb eating fish and is considered one of the best fish for fish head curry. It is an excellent fish for almost any cooking methods and is one of best-tasting fish.



* The weight range is before any descaling, de-gutting and cleaning of fish.


* Our fillets/fish slices contains minimal to no bones as we have carefully remove the bones we can see and feel by hand. However, there may still be some pin bones hidden in the flesh which we may not be able to spot. Please exercise extra cautious when feeling young kid and elderly.


* For bigger fish (1.3kg-1.4kg) the fish head will be cut into half and the bones will be pack separately. Do let us know in the remark field when carting out if you would like to cut the fish head into small pieces. 




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About Red Emperor

Red Emperor Snapper is one of the top-grade fish with firm white flesh and a medium to large flake. It is uncommon to find it due to its upscale nature. It  is highly-sought after due to its taste and texture. They are known to be less oily and have mild and slightly sweet flavour. 

Texture & Taste:

The flesh are moist and succulent with an excellent sweet sea flavour. 

Health Benefits:

Red snapper is a lean white fish that contains various health benefits. It has useful levels of Vitamin A and Omega-3 acids which help in maintaining healthy bones and cell reproduction. It also contains iron, calcium, and protein while being low in calories, saturated fats and cholesterol.

Cooking Methods: 

⇒ Whole fish/steak cut can be used to broiled, grilled, pan-fried, steamed and baked!

⇒ Fish slices/fillet is recommended to cook soup, porridge, steamed and used for steamboat.

⇒ Fish head is commonly used to cook curry fish head!


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