Squid aka Sotong ( 苏东)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia


The Squid we provide is also known as “Gao Bak Dong” in hokkien which is thicker and juicier! Squid has a firm yet tender meat texture with a mild and subtle sweetness. It is a versatile seafood that can be used as an compliment or served as a main dish in many cuisines. It is well loved by many for its chewy texture when eating! We can assist to cut the squid into “ring” for easy cooking without any extra charges! 


Note: Approximately 1 – 3 whole Sotong depends on the size of the actual day fresh catch.



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Squid is also known as “Sotong’ in Malay. Fresh Squid should have a clean ocean scent, and it should look shiny and plump, not deflated. Eating fresh squid is not so much as to how it tastes but the feel of the texture. It is eaten in many cuisines and there are many ways to cook them. Squid goes best with sambal or salted egg, or even deep-fried to create your own calamari at home. 

Health Benefits: Squid contains several vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B-12 and B6. These are essential nutrients that the body needs for neural health and blood health.  

Texture & Taste: Squid meat taste mild, possibly a bit rubbery, a bit like the taste of shrimp and lobster sweet and a bit of a seafood-like taste. 

Cooking Methods: 

⇒ BBQ/Grill/Stir-Fry with sambal or salted egg.

⇒ Deep-fry to create calamari.

⇒ Steam and serve with sauce. 




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