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Sea Prawn aka Ang Kah Prawn (红脚虾)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia


Sea Prawn aka Ang Kah Prawn are the go-to prawn used in jumbo prawn mee stalls, and is very bouncy, crunchy and sweet! It is one of the all time favourite prawn by the local because they retain their shape even after cooking and boast of a light and sweet flavour.



  • Supply of the large ang kah prawn may not be available everyday. Hence, there will be chances that it may not be available on your delivery day. In the event this occurred, we will contact you and advise on the other substitute options. 
  • As the prawns are wild-caught daily, sizes may vary from day to day. The weight for each set of the prawns is 500g.
    • Size: S/M, approximately 12 to 15 pieces to make up the indicated weight.
    • Size: L, approximately 8 to 11 pieces to make up the indicated weight.
  • The weight for each set of the deshelled prawns is 500g before the deshell. 


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Sea Prawn also known as “”Ang Kah””, which is translates to “”red leg”” in Hokkien. Despite this, they don’t always have red legs, though their shape makes them easily identifiable. The Sea Prawn is often used for prawn-based dish due to their versatility! Their crunchy texture and big size make them perfect for stir-frying in a garlic butter lemon sauce and served atop a steaming plate of al dente pasta.

Health Benefits: Prawns are great source of essential Vitamins and Niacin which aid the body produce energy, build muscle and replenish red blood cells. 

Fun facts: It is also known as banana prawns which were named after the yellow fruit. Their translucent yellow bodies with cream-yellow legs and brown spots that make them similar in appearance to the skin of the popular yellow fruit. 

Taste & Texture: Red leg prawns have a delicate, sweet flavor and crunchy texture. 

Cooking Methods: Steam, Soup, Grill, Deep-fry, Pan-Fry. It is also great to be used for Steamboat and making Prawn Balls!

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