Sea Bream aka Ang Go Li Slice (紅戈里鱼片)

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Country of Origin: Indonesia


Ang Go Li fish also known as White Snapper or Sea Bream is popular for cooking curry and assam. It is one of the most popular fish in Singapore. The White Snapper Fish is crispy and fatty and the head is enjoyed by many, especially when utilised in preparing Fish Curry. 



* Our fillets/fish slices contains minimal to no bones as we have carefully remove the bones we can see and feel by hand. However, there may still be some pin bones hidden in the flesh which we may not be able to spot. Please exercise extra cautious when feeling young kid and elderly. 



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Sea Bream aka Ang Go Li is commonly used for cooking curry and assam. The fish head is most popular and the top option for curry fish head in most of the restaurants in Singapore. The meat is also well liked by many as it has a tender and juicy meat.

Health Facts: Sea bream is low in calories and contains multiple healthy nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and potassium which is why the fish is considered brain food. It also helps to maintain a healthy heart and is great for fighting inflammation.

Texture & Taste: It has a satisfying meaty texture, a clean taste and a delicate flavor.

Cooking Methods: Steam, Pan-Fry, Grill and Soup. 


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