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Fresh Flower Clams (花啦)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia


Flower Clams have a natural sweet taste, with flat, thin shells to differentiate them from other clams. They are often preferred over La La Clams due to their meaty and sweet taste. There are many ways to cook the flower clams but one of the more popular way is to stir-frying it with garlic!  




⇒ The number of  clams per kg depends on the size of the daily fresh catch. 


=> As the clams are fresh and alive, it is recommended to consume them on the day you received if not by the next day. 


⇒ Please keep it refrigerated (in chiller compartment) if not for immediate consumption. 


⇒ Before cooking the clams, please soak them in a bowl of salt-water for 20-30 mins before rinsing off for cooking. 






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The flower clams are harvested daily from the sea and undergo stringent pick to ensure that only the finest products are being processed. Flower Clams are known to have more meat and lesser sand as compared to other clams. They are perfect for an easy-to-cook stir-fried dish with chilli padi/paste or garlic! It can also be added to your fried bee hoon or vermicelli.

Texture & Taste: Meaty and sweet & delicious.

Cooking Methods: Stir-fry, pan-fry, steam or soup.

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