Leatherjacket aka Bak Teik (肉丁鱼)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia


Leatherjacket (肉丁鱼) is one of the most under rated fish in the sea but it make excellent eating, with very few bones and sweet delicate flesh!


Note: The weight range is before any descaling, de-gutting and cleaning of fish. Each set may come in 1-2 or 3-5 pieces depending on the sizes of the daily catch!



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Leatherjacket is usually not a preferred choice of fish for many as it seldom appear on restaurant or tze char menus. However, it is very affordable for home cooking and it is very easy to eat as the fish meat comes in thick chunks which don’t contain small bones. It also doesn’t have any muddy or fishy smell unlike some other types of white fish. 

Texture and Taste: The texture of the fish is firm, almost like a cross between chicken and snapper except that it doesn’t have much flavor. 

Fun Facts: The fish is named for their tough leathery skin with a distinctive dorsal spine. It does not have scales but instead has a fine skin, from which it gets its name.

Cooking Methods: Leatherjacket can be cooked in fermented soya bean paste, sambal, yellow bean sauce and other robust-tasting sauce to boost the flavor. 


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