Golden Snapper Steak (红鲷扒)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia/Indonesia 


Golden Snapper known as “Ang Zhor” has a tender white to pinkish flesh with a very sweet, tender and rich flavour. It is an excellent fish for steaming, cooked with soup, porridge and also grilled! 



* Each set may consists of 2-3 steaks depends on the size of the fish. 


* Photos are for illustration purposes only.



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The Golden Snapper has a similar cooking methods as Red Snapper. The fish is popular among the elderly as it is a fairly well-known fish that has been around since the past. It is an excellent table fish with firm, white flesh with fine flakes and a mild sweet flavour. 

Cooking Methods: 

⇒ Whole fish/steak cut can be used to broiled, grilled, pan-fried, steamed, baked or deep fried.

⇒ Fish slices/fillet is recommended to cook soup, porridge steamed & pan-fried.


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