Fresh Sea Melon Seeds (海瓜子)

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*Due to the nature of fresh seafood, sea melon seeds may not be available daily. Therefore, it’s best to send us a message via Whatsapp to check availability before placing your order.  If they are unavailable on the scheduled delivery date, you may choose to substitute with other available items or reschedule the delivery date.


Sea melon seeds also known as flat clams, are extremely versatile and can be cooked in many ways. Simply stir-fry, cook in soup or add them to your pasta! They are not only delicious but also contain essential nutrients that help to boost your health. 



*As the clams are fresh and alive, it is recommended to consume them on the day you received if not by the next day


*Please keep it refrigerated (in chiller compartment) if not for immediate consumption. 


1. Soak the sea melon seeds in a bowl of room temperature water with salt for 20-30 mins before rinsing off. 
2. Repeat the step with a second bowl of salt-water until no sand sediments can be found 
3. Rinse the clams with room temperature water before cooking 






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