Flower Crab (花蟹)

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Country of Origin: Indonesia (Wild Caught)


Flower crabs also known as Blue Swimmer Crab. They are known for their sweet meat and taste perfect when steamed, stir-fried or even in soup! The males have longer pincers and are bright blue in colour with attractive pattens while the females are a duller green or brown.  The shell of the flower crabs are not as hard as the mud crabs, making it easier to cook in various ways.



* Due to the nature of fresh seafood, the flower crabs may not be available on daily basis. Hence, it will be best to drop us a message via whatsapp to check before placing your order.  In the event that it is not available on the scheduled delivery date, you may choose to substitute with other available items or change the delivery date. 


* Each set consists of 2-5 pieces depends on the daily fresh catch. 



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