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Deshelled Crayfish (去壳虾婆)

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Country of Origin: Indonesia/Malaysia


Save your precious time from deshelling the crayfish on your own. We provide deshelled crayfish for your convenience! Crayfish are low in fat and calories and high in protein. It is suitable for shallow and stir frying, steam, barbecuing, porridge and even for chowders!




⇒The deshelled crayfish is 1 kg before deshell. The number of pieces for the indicated weight is approximately 3 – 5 pieces (L size crayfish) or 6 – 8 pieces (S/M size crayfish) depending on the size of the daily catch. 


⇒ Item will come in fresh/fresh frozen. 


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1kg before deshell


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Crayfish, also known as crawfish, are part of the ‘small lobster’ invertebrate, arthropod family. Crayfish and lobsters are close relatives. That’s why they look so much alike, and people seem to confuse the two. They may taste the same When it comes to flavor, cray fish is more subtle while lobster is usually more intense.

Taste & Texture: Crayfish tastes sweet along with firm texture. It tastes like crab and shrimp, but not exactly like them. 

Fun Facts: Crayfish walk forward and swim backward because they have fours legs for walking and four for swimming.

Cooking Methods: Steam, Grill, Stir-fry with chili, steamboat and barbeque! 

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