Crispy Prawn Fritters (炸虾饼)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia


Hometown taste prawn fritter which is full of small white shrimps. The prawn fritter is freshly prepared and frozen to preserve its flavour and freshness. It is crispy, sweet and super delicious. What’s better is that  it comes with a pack of special chili sauce! Try it now!


Product packaging:


⇒ Each packet consists of 5 large prawn fritters & a packet of special chili sauce. 


Storage Method: 


⇒ Please keep the item in the freezer upon receipt and take out to thaw only when consumption. 


⇒ For best quality, consume the item within 2 – 4 weeks from purchase.


Cooking Methods:

Defrost for around 10 – 15 mins and proceed with either one of the cooking options below:

⇒ Air fry – 160° for 5 – 6 mins.


⇒ Oil fry until it turns golden brown.


⇒ Oven – 150°  for around 8 mins.

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