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Chinese Pomfret (斗鲳)

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Country of Origin: Indonesia


Pre-order is required for 500g and above. Do contact us via Whatsapp to pre-order=) 


Chinese Pomfret (斗鲳) is highly prized for its sweet flesh and succulent texture. It is specially regarded by the Teochew as the most premium fish.



* The weight range is before any descaling, de-gutting and cleaning of fish.





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In Singapore, the Chinese Pomfret (斗鲳) is preferred over the Silver Pomfret (白鲳). It is said that its fresh is a bit more flavorful. It is wild caught from the Surabaya (泗水) region, which is known to have the best quality and sweetest Chinese Pomfret.

Health Benefits: Chinese Pomfret is rich in protein and has a tremendous amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Texture and Taste: Sweet flesh and succulent texture. 

Cooking Methods: It is recommended and popular for Cantonese Style Steamed or Simple Chinese Steamed to retain most of its freshness. 

Fun Facts: The way to pick a good pomfret, aside from the usual firmness of the fish and the color of the gills is to give the gill covers behind the eye a little squeeze. The good ones will usually give you a bit of pastel orange fluid coming out behind the gill covers.


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