Tiger Prawn (老虎虾)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia


Tiger Prawns are distinctly sweet with crunchy, firm meaty texture, and are uniquely differentiated by the stripes on the prawn shell.



  • Supply of the large tiger prawn may not be available everyday. Hence, there will be chances that it may not be available on your delivery day. In the event this occurred, we will contact you and advise on the other substitute options. 
  • As the prawns are wild-caught daily, sizes may vary from day to day. The range provided below is just an estimated gauge. Hence, the actual size on the day of delivery may vary depending on the daily catch but rest assured that the weight will be 500g per set.
    • Size S/M, approximately 15 to 20 pieces.
    • Size: L, approximately 9 to 14 pieces.

  • The weight for each set of the deshelled prawns is 500g before the deshell. 

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Tiger Prawn is one of the most commercially marketed species of shrimp, thus aptly nicknamed the king of prawns. It is also known as “”gao chap hei”” (lit nine stripes) in Singapore.

Unlike cold water shrimp that usually have blander flavours, the tiger prawn’s meat is distinctly sweet with a firm texture. It is best cooked with their shell-on to retain their natural juiciness. The hard shells can be easily peeled off due to its freshness. Tiger Prawns are popular for grill, BBQ or stir-fry with your choices of condiments for your perfect prawn fish!

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