Boneless Fish in Singapore

Our fillets are being processed daily from the whole fish that is usually 2kg and above. The whole fish will be de-scaled, degutted and cleaned before we start the filleting process. Thereafter, the whole fillet will be deboned by our processing team before cutting them into small fillets. Each pin bone that can be felt will be removed accordingly.

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Using Boneless Fish For Your Meals

All fishes come as a whole fish before they are being processed (de-scaled, de-gutted, deboned and cleaned) into various cuts. The boneless fillet is one of the most popular and common cuts that many people sought after for the convenience and ease of eating. They are versatile and can be cooked easily using various cooking methods (steaming, poaching, frying, grilling, broiling). The boneless fillet can be consumed as a main course and small bites.

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