How Fish fend off stress

In this modern world, mental health and stress is getting a toll in humans and in order to keep stress in check, adding fatty fish to your daily plate is one of the solutions. It is a great option because they’re heart-healthy, and their omega-3s help ease depression because the nutrients easily interact with mood-related brain molecules.

There are many types of fatty fish to choose from in our website and these includes tuna, halibut, salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring and lake trout. These fatty fish help creates a positive favorable hormone which signals the human brain to regulate your mood, sleep and energy balance. Their omega-3 fats found in the fatty fish manages your adrenaline levels, helping you to keep calm, cool and collected.

Furthermore, Omega-3 fatty acids not only reduce inflammation in our body and can also help prevent further surges in stress hormones which help to protect against heart disease, depression, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is believed that in order to have a healthy supple of feel-good omega-3s, we should aim to eat at least 3.5 ounces of fatty fish at least twice a week.

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